Young Guru Shows Proof Jay-Z Recorded ‘God Did’ Verse In One Take

Jay-Z’s ‘God Did’ verse caught the hip-hop world after DJ Khaled’s new release album of the same name. Now Hov’s personal engineer, Young Guru, is showing proof that the prolific rap star recorded the nearly four-minute verse in one take.

On September 4, Guru took to Instagram to talk about Hov’s impressive performance and to reveal that it only took one hit for Jigga to knock out the entire verse. And Guru came with receipts.

“This is the first and last time I’m going to do this,” Young Guru began. “I don’t care if you believe me when I say he did that verse @djkhaled in one take. Let’s be clear for young people. Doing a song in one take is just a bonus level of talent. The song is what’s important. You need to be aware of how much work has been done before he enters the booth. Questions such as “are these the right words”, “are you going in the right direction”, “is this the best stream?” all answered and mentally addressed long before you record. Then you say the verse over and over in the control room to commemorate it.

The feat is more impressive considering Jay-Z isn’t writing the lyrics.

“Does Jay do ALL the verses in one take? Guru continued. “No. But did he do a LOT of verses in one take? Hell yes!!! I have no reason to! Look at the screen zoomed in. I don’t believe you unless I don’t see that the thing is foreign to me. So here is your proof. It doesn’t matter if you believed me… God did it!!!

Many people were blown away by Jay-Z’s verse, including LeBron James who commented on the feature on Twitter.

“Listen! Then listen again to make sure you understood. HOV DID IT!!!! And so did the reporter! TALK,” he typed.

Jay-Z, who recently admitted he’s not retired, has only performed on two songs in 2022, the other being Pusha-T’s “Neck and Wrist.”

Watch the young guru share proof that Jay-Z recorded his “God did it” verse in one take below.

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