Wormrot Releases New Single “Weeping Willow” and Three-Song Music Video “Grieve Trilogy”

Singaporean grindcore band Wormrot have released ‘Weeping Willow’, a new single from their upcoming album ‘Hiss’.

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The group released the single yesterday (May 18) accompanied by a three-song music video titled “Grieve Trilogy”, which tells a continuing narrative through three songs from “Hiss”: “Grieve”, “Weeping Willow” and ” Voiceless Choir”. .

The clip itself tells the story of a grieving woman tracking down the corrupt cops who killed her lover, which guitarist Rasyid describes as a “homage to ’70s Japanese crime films and two Singaporean TV series”. . Triple 9 and crime watch“.

The band’s fourth album, “Hiss,” is set for release July 8 via Earache Records. Wormrot announced the record with the single “Behind Closed Doors” in March. The band also gave fans a preview of an unreleased new track, “When Talking Fails, It’s Time For Violence,” during a live performance for Snakeweed Studios later that month.

“Hiss” will be the first album in six years from the grindcore trio, who last released the album “Voices” in 2016.

Separately, Wormrot guitarist Rasyid’s side project Marijannah released a new EP, “Music From and Inspired by GiantLands”, on March 25. The EP also serves as the official soundtrack for the tabletop roleplaying game. giant lands.

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