Which Marvel Villains Will We See?

Spider-Man has been a Marvel staple since its introduction in 1962. As the theme song Paul Francis Webster and Bob Harris created for the 1967 TV show Peter Parker (or Miles Morales, later) explains, the superhero ‘ aka, can do anything a spider can do. This includes the ability to deftly scale tall buildings using abnormally sticky hands and feet, bizarre strength, and because the character is, in most iterations, scientifically inclined, a pair of mounted web shooters at wrist.

In the decades since his introduction, Spider-Man has become an A-lister arachnid. He is one of the most successful characters in the history of the Marvel Universe, having spawned successful media in almost every format imaginable, whether comic books, television shows, video games, movies and even a Broadway show.


The Spider Man universe (or spider worms, if you will) is also home to countless characters. Thus, the long-awaited film Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Versea sequel to the 2018 animated masterpiece Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, will necessarily feature a truly mind-blowing number of characters. In the comics, this New York-based superhero certainly has no shortage of enemies.

Here are some Marvel villains who could (or will) appear in Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse.

The Spot, a multiverse traveling mad scientist

Although the multiverse opens the possibility for countless villains to appear in the next Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse, fans of the original comics are already excited about the recently announced movie’s antagonist, The Spot. The villain will be voiced by Jason Schwartzman (Scott Pilgrim vs the World, The French Dispatch).

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The Spot is a perfect villain for a film that explores the multiverse, to the point where one begins to wonder why the character wasn’t introduced sooner. A former scientist working for Kingpin, Spot found himself covered in interdimensional portals following a radiation experiment gone wrong. Each portal, or spot, allows the villain to transport themselves across the multiverse, which is sure to cause a lot of trouble for the movie’s heroes, as it means Spot can recruit villains from every conceivable reality.

The Spider-people team in the film, who have yet to harness the power of interdimensional travel, won’t be able to contact potential arachnid allies in the same way.

The Unleashed Russian, Rhino Rhinoceros

The Rhino is a Russian gangster with a few different faces. In some iterations of the character, he is a monstrous human-rhino hybrid as a result of an experimental program he enrolled in. In others, he simply uses a mechanical suit that resembles his namesake ungulate.

The Russian rhinoceros has already appeared in a Spider Man movie, 2014 The Amazing Spider-Man 2, in a cameo appearance at the end of the film. Although Paul Giamatti (Save Private Ryan, John dies at the end) said he had little desire to reprise his role as Rhino, this proclamation of disinterest would make him all the more hilarious if he were to voice an animated version of the character in the next film.

While far from the biggest threat Spider-Man and company would face, this rampaging Russian could create some very exciting scenes.

Morbius, Marvel’s most controversial character Jared Leto as Morbius

Morbius was one of the last film installments of the Spider Man franchise, and it was also one of the most controversial. The film was a commercial failure and was panned by critics and audiences. Still, the creatives at Marvel and Sony likely won’t allow the character to slip into obscurity.

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In an animated image like Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse, there will undoubtedly be plenty of lighter moments. This presents the perfect opportunity for the reintroduction of Morbius. Although it is possible that the often serious method actor Jared Leto (suicide squad, Gucci House) wouldn’t return to voice the character, Morbius could still very easily make an appearance in the film. Even a momentary introduction to the character, which could come anytime during the protagonist’s interdimensional excursions, would be hilarious and show fans that studios can address their less successful cinematic exploits.

The Multiverse has proven to be a goldmine of content for Marvel. It allows for unique storylines, as well as the ability for fan-favorite characters from any time in the franchise’s history to return at any time. However, this also causes a lot of trouble for the heroes, as the multiverse carries with it an endless supply of annoying villains.

Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse is sure to be a wild ride, and the diverse gang of Spider-people who represent the film’s protagonists will no doubt have their hands full.

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