Wack 100 says NBA Youngboy Verse was removed from ‘DRILLMATIC’ game because its $150,000 fee was over budget

The Game’s new album DRILLMATIC was received quite positively by fans but commercially it struggled to make an impact.

At present, the album is expected to move less than 20,000 copies in the first week despite featuring almost 30 songs. He also faced controversy over the deletion of songs from the album after its release. First it was the Nipsey Hussle verse that was taken down because Game and his manager Wack 100 never got the proper clearance from the rapper’s estate and his label, Atlantic Records.

Another track that was deleted shortly after its release on DSPs is “OPP” featuring NBA Youngboy. Fans wondered what was wrong with the song and tonight we finally have some clarity. Wack explained why the song had to be removed from streaming services. He claims that although NBA Youngboy gave them a handsome 50% discount off their usual price of $300,000, it was still difficult to come back against the album’s overall campaign budget.

Wack adds that the NBA was generous to make the feature for $150,000, but because 10 songs were later added to the album, including 6 samples that cost money, a lot of cuts had to be made and unfortunately, the song ‘OPP’ was one. of them.

Listen to the conversation above. It’s safe to say that commercially they would have struggled to recoup had they spent the $150,000 because DRILLMATIC does not accumulate millions of streams every week.

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