Wack 100 calls Blacc Sam “selfish” for his reaction to Nipsey’s new verse

Wack 100 alleges that Blacc Sam had a backlash regarding The Game’s new song with his late brother, Nipsey Hussle, and Hussle’s estate is responding.

Source: Prince Williams/Getty

Hip-hop manager Wack 100 recently called out Blacc Sam during a chat at the Clubhouse where he aired his grievances over a missing track from The Game’s latest album, Drillmatic: Heart versus mind. While the project’s original tracklist included a song called “World Tours” featuring post-comedian Nipsey Hussle, Wack revealed that he was dropped from the project shortly before its premiere allegedly at the hands of the late rapper’s brother. , Blacc Sam, whom Wack called “selfish.”

“I got an email from my lawyer around 7:30 p.m., an hour and a half before it was due. Nipsey’s brother asked that it be taken down,” explained Wack, who runs The Game.

Of course, some fans that Wack continually downplays Nipsey’s cultural impact, insisting the late artist wasn’t worthy of “legend” status, had an impact on the song’s draw, but the Hussle’s estate says that’s not the case.

TMZ reports that Nipsey’s label, Atlantic Records, was troubled by Game’s “Drillmatic” announcement last week, as it featured a song called “World Tours” featuring the late artist.

Lawyers then plugged the plug into the song, NOT Blacc Sam, after checking to see if Wack 100 was allowed to feature Hussle. The legal team added that they sent Wack 100 a cease and desist.


“These n****s are in their feelings,” Wack 100 said during the Clubhouse appearance. “You notice you got Meek Mill and a bunch of people there Wack really disagree with…Whoever [The Game] work with, he works with. His shit ain’t my shit. The game made the rounds in Los Angeles, he was Nipsey’s biggest fan of all time.

What do you think of Blacc Sam shutting down The Game and Wack 100?

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