Vince Staples says Lil Baby waived ‘East Point Prayer’ verse fee

In a new interview with Big Boy, Vince Staples opened up about how his recent collaboration with Lil Baby came to fruition, revealing that the Atlanta rapper didn’t charge a feature fee for his appearance on Ramona Park broke my heart‘s “East Point Prayer”.

“He did it for free,” Staples shares in the video above. “And I don’t think you should ask anyone not to do anything for free. I believe in everything you charge – you have to feed your family, and he did it for free. And you already know, he can charge whatever he wants.

Staples said he enlisted Lil Baby for “East Point Prayer” after bonding with him at a Motown Records event.

“It’s funny because I met him at a Motown thing,” he explained. “We were cool and we don’t really talk like that. And I was like, ‘Lil Baby would sound good on that.’ And I was trying to get it so we could talk about it. He said, ‘We don’t even need to talk, I’ll do that.’ He just went and did it…he looked outside.

The Long Beach rapper previously told HotNewHipHop why he wanted to put Lil Baby on the song.

“[It] it just rang true,” Staples said. “It wasn’t much later. I just thought it would sound good. It’s pretty much my only reasoning to do musically, it’s because I think I’m going to like it. He’s a good guy and a good artist and a very, very, very, very hardworking person. Everybody loves Lil Baby. I think that goes without saying, but it just sounded like they would be a good couple. I just try to put the music first.

Looking back, Staples should consider itself lucky to have gotten a Lil Baby feature for free.

In June 2020, rapper Quality Control claimed he would feel “offended” if someone offered him less than six figures for a guest verse.

“I feel offended if you want a verse from me and you don’t have 100,000,” he wrote on Twitter. “Respect my agitation. »

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