Ultimate Spider-Man Mod Makes Spider-Verse’s Miles Morales Playable

A mod for the 2005 game Ultimate Spider-Man adds a new character to the playable roster, with Miles Morales getting a chance to shine.


While Insomniac Games’ latest releases featuring the character have been widely regarded as the best Spider Man games ever made, there are plenty of great Spidey titles out there. A particularly popular game released in 2005, with many Spider-Man fans still enjoying Ultimate Spider-Man more than a decade and a half later.

There were a few things that made Ultimate Spider-Man stand out, the first being its unique cel shaded art style. The look of the game resembled the comics it was based on, and the stylistic choice helps it hold up well years after its debut. The game also stood out by making Venom and Spider-Man playable. The two characters each had their own moves, with Venom offering much darker gameplay than Peter due to his ability to consume humans for health.


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With Insomniacs Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is likely going to feature two playable characters, revisiting Ultimate Spider-Man seems appropriate. One modder did just that, with Reddit user tar3k10 showing off his creation. In the clip, Miles is seen swinging in a nighttime version of New York City while the song “What’s Up Danger” by Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse plays in the background. With all the pieces in place, the player is able to recreate Miles’ first swing from the critically acclaimed film.

Part of what makes the clip so great is that segments of the animated film’s swing are recreated, like when Miles runs and jumps off a crane and yells “woo.” Text then follows the player as they dive towards the ground, a nice touch that helps the clip capture the immense sense of style seen in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. The modder even remembers to swap out the image next to the health bar, which shows the character he’s playing with. Appropriately, they use a photo of Miles from In the spider verse instead of a comic book or the Insomniac model.

With Ultimate Spider-Man‘s cel shaded art style allowing Miles’ In the spider verse design to translate well into the game, the modder chose the perfect version of the character to adapt. In the comments, tar3k10 confirms that the footage was made using a Miles skin mod, widescreen and FPS fix and reshade. Unsurprisingly, fans loved the clip, which garnered almost 2,000 upvotes in one day. Several comments talked about wanting a remaster for Ultimate Spider-Man, while users like creator01 wanted to see a new Spidey game with cartoonish graphics instead of the realistic art style of Insomniac Games titles.

With other fans recently sharing a Ultimate Spider-Man– thematic poster for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the nostalgia of the game is clear. While a remaster is unlikely, it looks like modders are finding ways to breathe new life into Ultimate Spider-Man.

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