Trending: Song, music video on “UP’s empowered women”

A special song and music video “I am the world, the world is me”, dedicated to empowered women in Uttar Pradesh, is creating waves on social media platforms, attracting thousands of views every day.

A creation of Rahul B Seth, a Mumbai-based music composer, singer and lyricist with a strong UP connection, the song and music video were released on the eve of March 8, 2022, celebrated as International Women’s Day.

“This song is specifically dedicated to the empowered women of Uttar Pradesh and is a year-round celebration of femininity. It features UP women from all walks of life.

The video for the song was released by Renuka Mishra, General Manager of SIT-UP on March 7 at the auditorium of the IGNOU Regional Center in Lucknow. Even the singer of this song, Kanchhan Srivas is from Lucknow, said Rahul, 47, born in Lucknow, who is supported in his efforts by UP 112, the state’s integrated emergency response service, as well as 92.7 Big FM, and IGNOU to help this inspiration. musical message reaches every home.

“As we all know, UP is rapidly reaching new heights of empowerment across industries and building its own brand. This goes for the dynamic women of UP as well. and this music video have been created and I am happy that they are getting a great response on all social media platforms,” said Rahul, who belongs to the famous Tandon family of Sangam city from his grandmother’s side. paternal.

“My grandmother’s mother’s name was Sandhya Tandon. She married my grandfather and became Sandhya Seth. Judge Kunj Behari Seth of Lucknow was my great-grandfather,” said Rahul, who has a rich literary and artistic lineage.

With his fluency in Hindi, Urdu and English and effortless voice modulation, Rahul has dubbed for feature films such as GV Iyer’s ‘Swami Vivekananda’, Aruna Raje’s ‘Bhairavi’ , Shankar’s “Jeans” and Kamal Hassan’s “Abhay”, among others, in addition to the popular Bollywood. movies like ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana’.

Rahul has also lent his voice to animated films such as ‘Aladdin’, ‘Tarzan’, ‘Lion King’ and dozens of commercials, documentaries and jingles. Rahul’s latest outing as a voice actor is the new Warner Bros. film “The Batman” in which he dubbed in Hindi, the voice of Hollywood actor Colin Farrell playing the Penguin character.

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