The universe – like a verse

When I think of the universe, I love how that word is broken down into universe – a verse. It speaks of the idea of ​​all creation as one glorious, synchronized whole. I like to think of the universe as the song of God, with God leading all of creation to ring out a beautiful melody unveiling the expression of the divine Soul, willful goodness.

But recently, as I was walking through my office building, I came across a scene that seemed anything but harmonious. There was a homeless man lying in the street. Two police officers were standing nearby and a woman across the street was shouting obscenities at them.

Christian Science taught me that the Eternal Soul, God, is the almighty creator of the universe, including all of us as His spiritual offspring. We are kept in perfect unity and harmony with each other and with God, with good.

I have found it helpful to cherish in my prayers each day this spiritual fact of the perfect harmony of everyone and everything in the universe. God being omnipotent, this song of harmony is always present – even when circumstances present a different picture. Holding on to this spiritual reality allows us to see the evidence of it more clearly in our daily experiences.

So I went to my office and quietly prayed with these ideas until I felt a melody of peace in my heart. Then I realized that I no longer heard the discord outside. I looked out the window and saw that everything was indeed calm. The homeless man was lovingly cared for and removed from the streets by the police with grace and dignity. And the woman opposite had stopped screaming and walked away peacefully.

Sometimes events can present what looks like cacophony. Yet, in the midst of division, injustice and human opinions, is the unifying Principle of the universe, divine Love, which orchestrates in our hearts the glorious “one verse”, as I like to to think, of an infinite harmony. In our daily rounds, we can pray to see what God has already done – to listen spiritually to the sweet song of God’s universe, rich in mercies and boundless blessings!

Adapted from the Christian Science Daily Lift podcast on December 3, 2020.

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