Spirit and Verse: A Prayer for Gun Reform

June 2, 2022 — Spirit & Verse is a monthly column of original prayer poems composed by Cameron Bellm, a Seattle-based writer and mother of two whose “Prayer for a Pandemic” has gone viral, bringing solace and solace to many struggling during COVID-19.

A prayer for gun reform

When Jesus tells Peter to lay down his sword,

He spoke a simple yet profound truth:

“Those who live by the sword, die by the sword.”

And we die. And die. And die.

There is no safe place in a country

Which swells with an ocean of weapons.

Lord of mercy, prince of peace,

Strengthen the lungs of the living

To cry out for change.

Let our song of lamentation be long and strong,

May its deep roar shake us from complacency,

Until we are free from terror,

Until we can say, and we can see,

That more, more, nothing more will perish.


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Cameron Bellm is a Seattle-based writer of prayers, poetry, and devotions. After completing his Ph.D. in Russian Literature at the University of California, Berkeley, she traded academic life for contemplative life, informed by Ignatian spirituality and Catholic social teaching. She is the author of “A Consoling Embrace: Prayers for a Time of Pandemic” (23rd publication, 2020). Cameron and her husband have two young sons, and thankfully playing with Legos often fuels her spiritual life as much as reading the lectionary. You can find her at cameronbellm.com and on Instagram, @cameronbellm.

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