Snoop Dogg says he charges $250,000 for a verse

If you want a guest verse from Snoop Dogg, it’s going to cost you.

The Doggfather recently met the Full send podcast for an episode airing Wednesday (April 20). During the conversation, Snoop Dogg was asked how much he demanded for a feature verse. The number the California rap legend rolled out was pretty high.

“About $250,000,” he told the hosts. “You’ll get about 16 bars,” Snoop added, referring to the standard number of bars in a rap verse. “And when it’s time to do the video, I’ll need another $250[,000] out of you. And you only have an hour so go ahead and film.”

Snoop Dogg’s asking price may seem high, but many top artists claim they pull over six figures to appear on a track. Rumor has it that a Jay-Z verse would run a rapper through his entire budget. Nicki Minaj reportedly demanded over $500,000 to put her voice on a song. A verse of YoungBoy Never Broke Again would cost $300,000. Last year, DaBaby bragged about charging $300,000 for a verse.

Last month, Lil Durk claimed he demanded $350,000 to get on a track during an episode on the Full send podcast. “If I don’t know you? I’m not going to lie, I have to pay $350,000. I have receipts,” Durk said.

“No, listen,” he continued. “You need to have receipts. Because someone can come here just to lie to boost themselves or…we have receipts.”

Check out the full interview with Snoop Dogg on the Full send podcast below.

Find out how much it will cost to get a verse from your favorite rapper

Any guesses on dollar amounts before watching?

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