Sebastián Yatra was impressed by Myke Towers’ verse on “Pareja del Año”: “He understands my target market”

Through Madison Brodsky, Staff.

April 20, 2021 3:15 PM

Sebastián Yatra appreciated that Puerto Rican superstar Myke Towers considered his family audience when writing his verse on their Global Top 200 track, “Pareja del Año”.

“Myke is so smart with his lyrics,” Yatra told ET Canada. “He understands very well what song he’s doing, who he’s doing it with and what the target market is. He knows my market is more kids and families, and you shouldn’t have lyrics as explicit as some other types of songs he’s working on that are dirtier and more sexual.

“But here he still has that poise and that street badass, but he’s still very smart with his words,” he added. “A lot of times you do a song and then you have to tell someone to change that line because it’s a bit too much, but they knew what they were doing 1000%.”

Although the two have never met, the collaboration began when Yatra contacted the 27-year-old artist via Instagram.

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“I actually contacted Myke,” he said. “Myke is one of those guys who’s in the studio every day, and isn’t really on the phone because he’s focused on his job and his job. I didn’t know him directly, but we followed each other on Instagram so I wrote to him there, but we did it mostly through our teams.

“He said yes to the song right away when he heard it, which was exciting, and when he sent in his verse, we fell in love with what he did,” Yatra added. “Then I went back to the studio and organized it by putting his rap in here, and getting him to start the chorus, and then re-recorded some of my stuff to make the song fit together, and I had it. “Like we did it in the studio together. He has that kind of energy.”

Once the song was mastered, it was time for the Latin superstars to finally meet in person on the set of their music video at Miami’s iconic Adrienne Arsht Center Theater.

“Obviously, when you go to meet, it’s a bit awkward in the sense that you’re like, ‘Are we going to have chemistry? ‘Are we going to vibrate?’ Yatra said. “We met and we did the song performance right away, but as the day went on we realized we had a lot of things in common and we were laughing and making jokes and he was really excited about the song, we’re both in love with the song.

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“Myke was so happy with the result because his team were going crazy with the song,” he added. “It’s one of those songs where when the chorus comes you can’t stop moving.”

The Towers team might have been on to something given that the music video directed by Daniel Duran went on to become the number one trending video in the world, racking up over 7 million streams on digital platforms in the first weekend. from his debut on YouTube.

“It’s crazy how well the song performed on its first weekend,” Yatra said. This song was super fun to do because we wrote it on a yacht in Miami. I got this friend who loaned me his yacht and we set up a studio in the yacht and went out 9 to 9, and we had the mic and so forth. The producers I was with helped me write ‘Pareja del Año’, with their violins, and once I heard those violins, I just put the recorder on my phone and started to make melodies and it came out of the heart.

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