Sarkodie withdrew his verse from my song because I criticized him – Nautyca

Nautyca revealed that Sarkodie withdrew his verse from his song because he criticized him for not supporting other artists, including himself.

Nautyca accused Sarkodie of trying to create enmity between them because he called her out. Speaking to MzGee in an exclusive interview on TV3 New Day’s showbiz segment, Nautyca revealed why he made a video calling out Sarkodie for his unfavorable behavior towards other artists.

Afro-pop and highlife artist Jeffrey Gordon, known in showbiz as Nautyca, said he made the video to send a message. But the rapper misinterpreted it and requested that his verse be removed from a song he was presenting.
According to Nautyca, he believed Sarkodie should have supported him since they both shared a relationship with his former manager, Posigee.

He explained that Posigee sacrificed his time (Nautyca) to record songs for Sarkodie. So he expected Sarkodie to support his work more.

“At that time, I was managed by Posigee. And you know, sometimes when Posigee and I have to go somewhere and work, he has to sacrifice my time for Sarkodie. He will tell me, my brother, I must go and record Sarkodie. Even though we have an agreement that he’s leading me. But sometimes he’ll tell me I have to go see Sark because we have to record. And I was cool because I know we’re family. So I felt like I was sacrificing my time for him. I felt like he needed to push me too, ”he said.

“The only response I got was that I had to take his verse out of the song because of what I said. And that’s why I try to explain that sometimes Possi takes my time for himself even if we have to go somewhere and work. So I felt that I had sacrificed my time for him to make his own success, I mean he should try to support me too.

Nautyca said he was unaffected after his worm was replaced. However, his EP was delayed because he needed another verse to introduce the song. “I had to give up my Ep from last month, but when he said his verse had to be taken down, we had to put it on hold. And put someone on it.

The EP ‘Not the Ordinary’ contains 6 songs with various musical genres and is due out in June.

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