Rockdale Woman Wins 2020 Don’t Mess With Texas Song Search

Her song was one of two chosen from 130 entries. She now joins big names like Willie Nelson and George Strait who took part in the campaign.

TEMPLE, Texas – Courtney Eoff of Rockdale, Texas has been announced as one of the 2020 TxDOT Don’t Mess With Texas song search winners.

“I thought it was something so cool and I really wanted to be a part of it so I thought why not give it a try,” Eoff said.

Her song was one of two that were selected from 130 entries and now she joins big names like Willie Nelson and George Strait who took part in the anti-waste campaign.

“So many talented people who have been on this campaign and the fact that my name is on it is just crazy to me,” Eoff said.

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She’s been singing most of her life and doing side concerts since she was 16, but surprisingly, she’s studying marketing at Texas A&M.

“Although I hope to pursue music full time, I appreciate the education,” said the second.

It wasn’t Eoff’s first victory. In 2019, she and a friend won the Houston Rodeo Rockstar competition. Now, thanks to the song finding competition, she said she could make more music with her prize.

“I ended up winning a $ 5,000 home recording studio and I don’t know, I could never go out and buy something like that for myself,” Eoff said.

She comes from generations of Texans and said she was proud to be from Lone Star State and honored to have been chosen to be a part of the campaign.

“It helps people become aware of their surroundings and take care of this beautiful condition,” Eoff said.

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