Rapper Latto reveals artist tried to trade sex for verse clearance

In a new clip from an interview with big boy tvrapper Latto, who has more than a million Twitter followers, is opening up about a fellow artist who tried to get him to trade sex for allowing a verse from a track on his upcoming album.

In the clip, Latto talks about a male rapper, who had already recorded a verse for his song, giving him a hard time erasing the verse to use on his album. In exchange for permission, Latto says the anonymous artist asked him for sex in order to clear it. In the end, it was cleared but not without great frustration on Latto’s part.

In the clip, which you can watch below, Latto says, “These men, you know what I’m saying? They don’t know how to make it work… So, I don’t care, baby, I’m just gonna keep it 100. It’s a feature on my album, it was hard to erase. And they try to let me down [engage in sex] because I won’t respond to a DM.

This admission was shocked by the investigators.

Latto continued, “I loved the song so much and had to shoot it [the album] yesterday, so I didn’t really have a choice. I was backed into a corner, intimidated. But I would like more women to speak out about things. I know the label said don’t do that [out people] it’s a bad deal, whatever. Man, these people are trying to knock nuts over female rappers. I will not be silent about this.

She added: “We tolerate too much. We think, ‘Oh, well that just comes with the acting, being a rapper.’ No, it shouldn’t though. It shouldn’t… You know you don’t do that to your fellow male rappers. Like, come on.

Latto didn’t name the artist who tried to extort him, but he’s still on his next album, 777which falls on March 25.

Check out Latto’s recent single “Wheelie” from the rapper below.

Photo by Prince Williams/Filmmagic

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