Rap Verse Goes Viral Through Hustle Culture Memes

  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson made his rap debut on Tech N9ne’s track “Face Off”.
  • Her verse, which includes the lyrics “it’s about driving, it’s about power,” has gone viral on TikTok.
  • It sparked a wave of satirical memes about extreme fitness culture and the lyrics themselves.

Dwayne’s rap debut “The Rock” Johnson on Tech N9ne’s song “Face Off” went viral on TikTok, with his lyrics sparking a wave of commotion culture memes.

“It’s about driving, it’s about power / we stay hungry, we devour,” Johnson raps on the song’s last verse. “Get to work, put in hours and take what is ours. He wrote the verse himself, through Variety. “Face Off” was released in October on Tech N9ne’s “Asin9ne” album and also features Joey Cool and King Iso.

A download of Johnson’s worm has been used in over 48,000 videos on TikTok, garnering millions of cumulative views in the process.

He was propelled by a flood of memes that applied his words to satirical videos about fitness, superhuman feats, or even school. Although the subject matter varies, the format is relatively uniform: Hearing Johnson rap “it’s about the ride, it’s about the power,” users show themselves doing accelerated weightlifting repetitions, doing homework or doing household chores. It’s a satirical take on extreme fitness and hustle culture that glorifies overwork.

Tech N9Ne told Variety that “Face Off” is an “energy song” that he imagined people would use to “lift people up to lift weights, to fight, for play.” The rapper said he wanted a fighter on the track, and following Johnson’s work on the Disney movie “Moana” he knew the former wrestler and actor “had the beat.”

Amid the flood of memes, Johnson’s verse also morphed into a copypasta – a set of memetic text that people spam online – that fills the comment sections on related videos.

a commentary with the words of Dwayne Johnson's verse on

An example of a lyrical copypasta that circulates on TikTok and features Johnson’s lyrics, left on a TikTok video posted by @alexsmithlovesyou.

@ alexsmithlovesyou / @ real_nigerianprince / TikTok

The song’s popularity on TikTok hasn’t come without its fair share of criticism, with some TikTok users posting viral videos calling the verse “trash” and asking people “please stop advertising. “. These criticisms, however, are offset by people defending the trail and others saying it developed on them.

“Why I’m really starting to like this is about driving, it’s about power,” reads a comment with over 103,000 likes from user @ jotarokujo8315 on @ hotpockets55’s video on the song.

Johnson himself finally had fun on TikTok on Wednesday for the first time since the day the song was released.

“THANK YOU for playing hard on our #FACEOFF,” Johnson said in the caption of a TikTok post on Wednesday about fan reception of the song which features music videos on his verse, some of which appear to be memes.

Within an hour of posting the video, its comments section predictably began to fill with a set of words, repeated by the brand’s accounts, including those of the Pittsburg Steelers and Dallas Mavericks: hungry. , we devour. “

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