Polo G talks about recording his first verse and buying his mother a house

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Rolling stone The Polo G cover star has enjoyed an incredible rise to fame.

Growing up on the North Side of Chicago, he says the first time he left the city was when he was in first grade and his family moved to Gary, Indiana. it would take him several years to get on a plane. Now, after the success of a string of singles and the release of his third album, The Number One Hall of fame in June, he thinks about a few The first time moments he has lived in recent years.

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In 2016, he followed his first verse. “The first verse I ever recorded was from my song ‘ODA’ part one, a song I played on my neighborhood music channel,” said Polo G. Rolling stone. “We had a YouTube channel created by someone in our neighborhood called sedville3. “

Three years later, he released his first album, Die a legend, who reached number six on Notice board 200. His second album, the 2020s The goat, followed at number two before his first number one Hall of fame the album has arrived.

As his career took off, Polo G literally took off as well. “The first flight I ever took out of Chicago was to LA about three years ago; it was my first time in Cali, ”the rapper said of his current state.

Beyond his three albums in three years, Polo G has also taken an important step: he bought a house for his mother. “The first time I bought a crib for my mother was quite recently,” he says.

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