Poet-singer Martin Wardley has launched a melodious verse “Diamonds” which has a calming effect on the heart

Martin wardleythe songs of ‘Diamonds’ is well adorned with moving verses that can consume his conscience. The gravity of her voice can create magic.

Rresiding in Kendal, Cumbria, artist Martin wardley, as he shared on his website, he was born, raised, despised, praised and educated in East Lancashire, North West England. Wardley started out as a poet, writer and gradually resumed his singing career. He has already delivered several gravitational songs like ‘Diamonds’, available online. It is a pedestrian who walks around the globe. This artist is influenced by several musical genres such as punk, folk, surf rock, classical. Renowned artists like Woody Guthrie, Nick Cave, a ’60s girl group, Tom Waits and many more made a deep impression on him as he grew older. And his versatile taste for music and his knowledge have profoundly influenced his work.

His freshly released single ‘Diamonds’ integrates well the rock genre with a flavor of folk. This song is a perfect example of his musical richness. His poetic illustrations in this song are very engaging to listen to. With thought-provoking lyrics and melodies, he delivered some great songs. His experiences seasoned his remarks. Some of her well-narrated songs are “Thrice Times”, “She Walks Alone”, “Resurrecting the Show”, “No Doubt”, “Prophesy”. His latest album “Naked to the Elements” has these raw, organic charms and gravitational tunes. To follow Martin wardley on Spotify, Facebook, YouTube Music and Instagram to attend his trip.

Listen to Martin Wardley’s latest track “Diamonds” on Spotify:

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