Pac-Man Gets Official Theme Song Music Video For His 42nd Birthday E! News UK

Kaho Kidoguchi performs the song “We are PAC MAN!”

Bandai Namco on Sunday unveiled a music video for the new official theme song for his Pac man franchise“We are PAC MAN!”

Kaho Kidoguchi performs the song, written by Bandai’s Yoshihito Yano Namco Studios Inc. and Kazuhito Udetsu of Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

The music video commemorates Pac man42nd birthday. Bandai Namco Entertainmentit is Pac man Game franchise debuted its original arcade game in 1980.

Bandai Namco also publish the PAC MAN MUSEUM+ collection of games for xbox one, PlayStation 4, nintendo Switch, and PC on Friday. Pac man cosmetics will debut in Fortnite game on June 2. The company also organizes a birthday raffles this week.

Bandai Namco released the online multiplayer game Pac man 99 for free digitally and exclusively to nintendo Switch Online members in April 2021.

The franchise inspired the Pac-World television anime series in 2013.

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