Nicki Minaj Explains Why She Originally Pulled Coi Leray Collab Verses

The rap icon decided to go ahead with “Blick Blick,” but only after speaking with Coi one-on-one.

After a little hiccup, the collaboration of Coi Leray and Nicki Minaj is on the way. The Barbz were all in a frenzy after it was announced that the two rappers reunited on “Blick Blick,” a track slated to drop this Friday (March 18). We previously reported on the rumors that Nicki joined Coi on a lead before Leray’s father, Benzino, revealed the secret on social media.

He quickly returned to apologize for stealing his daughter’s big moment and later it was speculated that Nicki had taken her verse out of the song. Today, the rap icon answered some fan questions about how she picks up on artist requests and explained why she originally pulled her verse from Leray’s collaboration before deciding to move on. before.

A fan asked her about a radio interview she did when she said she received several requests. The person wanted to know if “Blick Blick” was one of the songs.

“Yes. I had received 6 diff feature requests and it was only the song itself that made me choose,” Nicki replied. “I couldn’t get Coi’s verses out of my head. I loved all of her choices. And someone I know well confirmed that she writes her stuff regularly, so I respected her more.” Minaj also mentioned BIA, a rapper whose viral hit “Whole Lotta Money” became an even bigger sensation after Nicki added a few bars to the remix.

“Just like w|bia…loved every pick she made on WLM,” she said. “I love these unique girls. But keep in mind, I’m just a rap fan like everyone else. Even with my own verses, what I like might not be what you like. And it doesn’t matter.”

Of Coi Leray, Nicki added: “I shot it. [pink pow emoji] but the label hit me hard. But I had a private conversation with w|coi and that’s what changed my mind. Not the label. I just felt bad that she was deprived of telling the world in her own way @ her own time. But it’s water under the bridge now. Good vibes throughout 2022.”

Are you excited about this one? Check out Nicki’s tweets below.

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