NBA YoungBoy Verse Removed From Game’s ‘Drillmatic’ Due To Budget

Nipsey Hussle wasn’t the only artist removed from The Game’s Drillmatic.

His collaboration with YoungBoy Never Broke Again, “OPP”, disappeared a few days after the release of the album.

The game’s maintainer, Wack 100, revealed that they had to pull it because of the price. YoungBoy would charge $300,000 per verse, but Wack admits the Last Slimeto the rapper gave him a “good deal” and only charged him half of it.

However, the $150,000 fee would still have taken up a significant chunk of the album’s budget.

“But that situation would have reduced marketing overall, so I had to make an executive decision on whether I wanted to pay for the tab he sent me, which was a great, respectable tab,” Wack said. during a conversation at the Clubhouse.

Wack insisted that there was no beef with YoungBoy and that his fees were justified. “He’s one of the most listened to individuals on YouTube, so you’re going to get your money back in the long run,” he added. “Nothing against YoungBoy. YoungBoy didn’t disrespect us, didn’t rape us.

DrillmaticYoungBoy’s 30 long tracks slashed his budget, rendering him unable to afford YoungBoy’s $150,000 tab. “I could have handled the bill, but originally the album was supposed to have 20 songs. Another 10 songs were added, six of which were samples, so some of the budget was consumed,” he said. he explains.

“OPP” will now be re-released on streaming services without YoungBoy’s verse. “It’s going to be the whole game,” Wack said.

Previously announced game that Drillmatic would include a collaboration with Nipsey Hussle, “World Tours”, but the song never made the album. Wack claimed that Nipsey’s brother fired him because of his past comments about the late rapper. However, it was apparently Nipsey’s music handlers who sent Wack a cease and desist after discovering that the posthumous verse was not erased.

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