NBA Youngboy calls out a verse on “Still pending”

There are few artists who have the same kind of hold on young people as NBA Youngboy. It’s hard not to go to the comments section of a rap related Instagram page without seeing at least one comment that says “YB Better.” Youngboy is a star in his own right, and it’s clear his support is just as strong now while he’s locked up as when he was free. Who knows how great he will be when he is released.

While the rapper’s recently released album Sincerely, Kentrell heading towards the end of Drake Boy in love certified After a three-week streak at the top of the Billboard Hot 100, he added two new bonus tracks to the album, including “Still Waiting”. The freshly released song is produced by TAYMADEIT and features new bars from NBA Youngboy that were recorded on the jail phone. His voice is muffled and raw, but gives fans an honest glimpse into his state of mind in prison.

A version of the disc was released last month as part of the “Lock Down Sessions” but has never received an official release so far.

Words to quote
Mom I’m so sorry I can’t save myself
Grandpa, just your opinion matters, there’s no one else
Momo I miss your love, I tried to find myself
I don’t wanna be in jail, just tell them I accept the chair

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