Memphis Bleek Feels Jay-Z’s ‘Renegade’ Verse Aged Better Than Eminem’s

“Eminem murdered you on your own shit,” Nas mockingly rapped on his Jay-Z diss, “Ether.” The murder in question was Jay-Z’s song “Renegade” from his hit 2001 album, The plan. “Renegade” features four verses, two of which belong to the ever-elusive Eminem. Upon its release, the track caused a massive debate over who had the better verse: Hov or Em? However, two decades later, Memphis Bleek has shared his thoughts on the matter, and his opinion may have changed.

During a visit to Justin’s Credible Podcast, Bleek was asked about “Renegade” and asked who he thought was the most lyrical. Memphis Bleek danced around the question for a second, explaining that at the time, he felt Hov’s lyrics were going over people’s heads.

“You are really trying to trigger some drama. Everyone, of course, I feel like some of the songs Jay recorded are going over people’s heads,” the former Roc-A-Fella rapper told Justin Credible. “I guess not at that time. For me, the streets and everyone, public opinion, of course, says Eminem, right? At this moment.”

Rappers Jay-Z and Eminem perform together onstage at the launch of ‘DJ Hero’ at the Wiltern Theater on June 1, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.

Kristian Dowling/Getty Images

Bleek then admits he thinks Jay-Z’s verses were the better of the two, saying his verses have aged better.

“Go back and listen to this record today. I bet you’ll all agree that it’s Jay because Jay was talking about something that was so far from what you even understood or understood that you didn’t know of what he was talking about,” he said.

Jay-Z and Eminem’s verses on “Renegade” focused on different topics. As Hov spits on his deadbeat dad and grows up impoverished, Em rhymes about the media’s obsession with him at the time.

The classic track was featured on the Jay-Z effort in 2001, The planwhich came out on September 11. The album would sell nearly half a million in its first week and reigned supreme as the number one album in the country for three consecutive weeks.

The plan would eventually be certified 2X platinum by the RIAA.

Watch the full episode of Memphis Bleek’s appearance on the Justin’s Credible Podcast above.

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