Megan Thee Stallion erases her verse on “SG” with DJ Snake, Ozuna and LISA

On “SG,” DJ Snake, Ozuna, Megan Thee Stallion and LISA (of BLACKPINK fame) come together to create the perfect club dance floor. If you haven’t figured it out already, the title is short for “sexy girls” and the visual that accompanies the track perfectly captures the sultry vibe of the party.

Latin artist Ozuna begins the song with Spanish fuego lyrics, serenading the “hot girl” of his life as he dances on top of a huge boat. When it’s Thee Stallion’s turn to take the track, she deftly references her hit song “Body” and raps about teaching “bitches how to keep a player under pressure”.

After another fiery chorus, we hear LISA, who also sings on intimacy before closing “SG” with Ozuna. Much like DJ Snake, the new version is exactly what you expect to hear playing in your friend’s room as you get ready for a night out.

Megan shared a super hot clip from the video on her Instagram this afternoon, captioned “he wants to party with a hottie”.

In addition to the new collaboration, the rapper “Freak Nasty” also announced that she will be released. Something for you hotties Friday October 29. The project will include some of his freestyles, as well as “some unreleased songs from my archives to keep you for the rest of the year.”

What do you think of “SG”? Let us know below.

Words to quote:

Thick thighs, brown eyes, pretty brown skin (Brown skin)

Ninety-nine problems and none of them is a man (None of them is a man)

A lot of men try (Yeah), but a lot of men fail

I gotta take the lead before I let you take the tail (Ah)

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