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At the awards gala on Saturday evening, Linfield ambassador Eric Bowyer provided the following poem he discovered which focused on the September 1970 European Cup Winners’ Cup match between Linfield and Manchester City.

Written by a good friend of mine regarding the Linfield vs Man City game in 1970

Citizen for life

The place
1 Drumart Walk
Belvoir Park
September 30, 1970

my seven year old self
Transported by radio waves
at Windsor Park
Dribbling and swerving
Move the soggy case
Heavy from yesterday’s deluge
Torn panels
Lose laced
Deftly moving his heavy weight
side by side
wisp willow
Drop shoulder
Bouncing pass
Out of the shed
off the sidewalk
The back of the net

The Citizens are in town
cup holders
Against the Belfast Blues
Live from Windsor
The well-oiled voice of Larry McCoubrey
To burst
On my screamer
Made in Taiwan
transistor radio
crackling, distorted
Her haunted moan
signal search
Inside and outside
Tonight no sign of George
Tonight Millen is asking for my shirt

A game in the balance
An unexpected boon
For a city in turmoil
The terrace explodes
In a riot of colors and songs
The angst of this place
Cascading over Corrigan’s
Curved six-foot frame
In a welcome brown bottle
Frenzied Bingham
Calling the screaming crowd to order
This game must go on

Patterson to Sinclair
Hamilton to Bowyer
First gates
A careless throw
Millen intercepts
And slip it home
At the term level
25,000 blue men swing now

Doyle to book
Summerbee at Young
Bell to Lee
The ball is going
To the goal
Feline Humphreys
Jump nimble
Eclipsed by the upset turf
The Advance of the Restored City

The Imperious Young Frazer
Andrews and McAllister
Rocklike and unchanging
Against the incessant waves
The Maine Road Assault
crashing into a blue wall
Defiant and inflexible

The ball breaks to Magee
like a gazelle
Taunts and teasing
Part time
Facing the English pros
Cathcart flipping them
twisted legs
And twisted blood
Peel off the celebrity lacquered chandelier
With each change of hip

Millen ready
At the scene of the crime
A cocked revolver
From leather to leather
Corrigan extends
The net floats
And the blue roar rises
The Spion Kop breaks out
Feel the unthinkable
The terrace rises
in a tumult
blue and red and white

The city does not have
Counted on heart and soul
And blood
And spit
And the sweat
And the fury
As the Irish sap rises
English courage seeps in
and ebbs
Mercer’s Once-Proud Citizens
Their peacock leg
a stutter
Expired energy
In every sigh
In every biting tackle
knee to knee
Shin on shin
Boot on boot
Belfast blues rumbles
And growl
Swear and swear
Intimidating fantasy in
Their bluster
Now a haunted streak

eyes filled with fear
incredulous look
Towards the figure in the black shirt
want this
Last reprieve
This piercing
three notes
Sonnet calling time
Grant victory to the vanquished
In the jaws of defeat

Gow’s Final Blast
The Gallaher Booth
This wall of animosity
This hot cauldron
now appeased
Shot in unison
To warm applause
In recognition
local heroes
And you came
In the murky streets of Belfast
When others made excuses

The grit and the grunt
Windsor lions
Now calmed down in
warm embrace
Admiring handshakes
And knowing smiles

Allison’s red and black stripes
now retired
Towards the tunnel
seek comfort
In this hot bath
To meditate
An enchanted getaway

And the Windsor Giants
Emptied by force
Socks at half mast
Disheveled but rebellious
Everyone is a Gladiator
receive adulation
recognize worship
Reflecting long in the night
About what could have been



Humphreys, Fraser, Patterson, Andrews, McAllister, Bowyer, Millen, Magee, Hamilton, Sinclair and Cathcart.

Coach: Billy Bingham

Town :

Corrigan, Book, Pardoe, Doyle, Jeffries, Oakes, Summerbee, Bell, Lee, Young, Towers – Subs Bowyer (19)

Coach: Joe Mercer
Asst. Coach: Malcolm Allison

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