Makhadzi honors promise and adds shona verse to new song

South African songbird Makhadzi, real name Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona, has honored his promise and included a Shona verse in his highly anticipated song Tshentsha Magiya which was released last week.

Makhadzi promised to add a Shona verse to the track which was to be released after the overwhelming response from Zimbabweans who took part in the Tshentsha Magiya challenge where people recorded themselves dancing to a snippet of the song.

The first video to ignite social media had a Zimbabwean woman dancing to the song with her hands on a stool while her feet were splayed against a wall.

Days later, another submission from a Zimbabwean couple sent social media to a standstill. In the video, the couple danced to Tshentsha Magiya excerpt imitating intimate positions.

Reacting to the message, the Ganama The singer said she would add a Shona verse before releasing the song.

“CUT CUT CUT 😱😱😱 Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 we surrender….Mr Mazepe just submitted this one🔥🔥🔥😅😅😅 I add a verse in Shona and drop that😍😍“, she wrote in reaction to the video.

The Shona verse was done by Mr. Brown who follows the lyrics;

Usarenge mukadzi wako kuenda kumaPorofita vanochinja magiya. [Don’t let your wife go to the Prophets; they will change gears.]

Usatemba kutengerwa doro nemurume wemunhu, anochinja magear. [Don’t rely on people’s husbands to buy you beer, they will change gears on you.]

Usatemba munhu wenyama pavanhu venyama vanochinja magear. [Don’t rely on people of the flesh, they will change gears on you]

Kuti chinja, chinja, chinja.
Kuti chinja, chinja, chinja.

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