‘Lil Wayne Sent Me A 24 Bar Verse And Didn’t Even Charge Me For It’: Lou Williams Shows Weezy Love For Going Beyond ‘Big Tuh’

Lou Williams appreciates Lil Wayne not only for sending more bars than he should have for “Big Tuh,” but also for not charging him.

The NBA has a respectable number of players who play the rap game. Damian Lillard is someone who immediately comes to mind, but guys like Lou Williams, Miles Bridges and Lonzo Ball deserve to have some respect on their names, with the first of these three being the most accomplished.

The Memphian guard has been rapping for a while with him on Meek Mill’s single “I Want It All” only to have Drake dedicate an entire song to him (6 Man on If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late). Williams was actually going to win the 6MOTY award the same season this song was released.

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As for his own discography, Lou Williams has released a tribute to the late great Kobe Bryant titled “24.” Last year, he teamed up with someone Damian Lillard also had on one of his tracks (“Sorry” and “Right One”): Lil Wayne.

Lou Williams on Lil Wayne sending him his feature for ‘Big Tuh’.

Lou Williams talks about him and 2 Chainz wanting to get Lil Wayne on their single from last summer, “Big Tuh.” He says he sent the message as a joke but was contacted by Weezy’s manager and said Wayne was on his way to the studio.

“We had this ‘Oh sh*t’ moment. Ok like, this could possibly happen and he sent it back, sent me a 24 bar verse. 2 Chainz and I only did 8’s and c’s. was a major love and it didn’t make me pay.

“I certainly didn’t expect this to happen because I was like, ‘He’s going to charge me half a million dollars or something crazy’ and he did on love and 2 Chainz also did it on love.”

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Wayne typically charges $100,000 for a verse and defending himself with the length of the verse, raises the price. So for him not to charge Lou Williams a penny is quite a gesture.

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