Lil Wayne allegedly sexually harassed Latto for a verse on the album –

Before the release of his new album, 777Latto has expressed her experiences with sexual harassment while working with men in the music industry, alleging that an artist featured on her album did not respect her boundaries as a professional.

“I’m deleting my album right now and it’s been hard dealing with these men,” Latto said at the time. “I just keep it at 100. It’s a feature of my album that was hard to erase, and they like trying to let me go because I won’t respond to a DM.” The Georgia native continued to reiterate her point while promising not to remain silent on the matter. “Man, these people are trying to knock nuts on female rappers. I will not be silent about this.

Given his checkered history with women, a number of fans attributed Latto’s comments as being directed at rapper Kodak Black, who appears on the 777 “Bussdown” track. However, the rapper and his team have vehemently denied the accusation, with one team member calling Latto “full of shit” for his statements and allowing Kodak to take the backlash.

However, while Latto has yet to specifically reveal the name of the artist she was referring to, an industry figure claims it was Lil Wayne, not Kodak Black, who made the unwanted sexual advances. towards the 23-year-old rapper. Mandii B, the host of fucking decisions podcast, threw Weezy’s name into the conversation during a recent episode of his show See, the thing is….

“To be fair, Latto didn’t confirm it was Kodak,” Mandii B said. share this tea but it’s old now I actually heard it was Wayne, from someone who knows him Ni Wayne, 39, who appears on the 777 the “Sunshine” track, nor Latto, have yet to respond to Mandii B’s claim.

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