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Run the Jewels has already created a rock classic with their 2020 single “Ooh La La” starring Greg Nice and DJ Premier and a killer sample of Gang Starr’s 1992 track “Dwyck”. But on the all new luxury digital version of their RTJ4 album, they don Lil Wayne for a guest verse on a remix of the song on which Weezy deposits some of his signature interstellar quirk.

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“Yeah, ah, ooh, la la, it’s Young Mula la / Mon p’tit mec ra ra boom boom kumbaya / Vroom vroom zoom by you / Me and me goon brada / Mario Brother shroom power make me doom doom da da , “Weezy F Baby’s Rapid Fire rhymes on the booming track – keeping things in space, the unique remix cover art has Wayne as ET in rapper RTJ El-P’s bike basket as they fly in the night sky.

“She loves sushi and opera but her aqua coochie / What’s a goon to a goblin? / What’s a shooter for a shotta? / I can explode shakalaka your medulla oblongata / Kill a mic like El-P and Killer Mike, burning light. ”Wayne continues.

The deluxe edition of the album also features a rubbery and booming remix of the Pharrell Williams / Zack collaboration of the Rocha “JU $ T”, a boisterous remix of the Royal Jewels of “The Ground Below” by the rock duo Royal Blood, as well as instrumental pieces. versions of all 11 original tracks from the album and the song Killer Mike and RTJ’s El-P wrote for Cyberpunk 2077, “No Save Point.”

Listen to the “Ooh La La” remix below and listen to the full deluxe version of the album here:

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