Lil Durk claims he’s charging $350,000 for a feature film

Lil Durk isn’t offering the buddy discount when it comes to the price he charges to do a guest verse.

During an appearance on the Complete shipment podcast, which premiered on YouTube on Wednesday, March 23, Durk revealed that if he doesn’t know you, you have to pay just under half a million dollars if you want him to bless your track. with its bars.

When one of the podcast’s co-hosts, Bob Menery, asked Lil Durk how much he should pay if he wanted a verse from the Chicago rapper, Durkio replied, “If I don’t know you? I won’t lie, I have to go $350,000 I have receipts.

After the show’s fellow hosts seemed flabbergasted by Lil Durk’s feature award, he reiterated that he had receipts proving he charged $350,000 for a verse, presumably for someone ‘he does not know.

“No, listen,” he continued. “You have to have receipts. Because someone can come here just to lie to boost themselves or…we have receipts.”

Durk, however, would not disclose which artist(s) paid this high price.

Regarding the protocol for obtaining a Durk Verse, he explained that his direction is usually contacted.

On the other hand, if the old 2014 XXL Freshman likes you or is a fan of your music, you can very well get a verse for free.

“If I don’t know you from a can of paint and the label says they want to spend money, then it’s not really the artist, even if it’s their budget,” said Durk added. “I’ll fuck up the label, bad.”

Almost two years ago, Lil Durk revealed that he had raised his price to $100,000 per show, an amount that likely increased due to the success of his track “Laugh Now Cry Later” with his album Drake. common #1. voice of heroes with his friend and frequent collaborator Lil Baby, his countless feature films, his own albums, including The voice deluxe and its recently released 7220 LP, and more.

Or maybe Durk’s feature film price skyrocketed after his label supposedly gave him $40 million. While that amount is unconfirmed, he shared the news via Twitter earlier this month.

Check out Lil Durk talking about how much he charges artists he doesn’t know for a verse around the 35:41 mark below.

Find out how much it will cost to get a verse from your favorite rapper

Any guesses on dollar amounts before watching?

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