Launch of new Spider-Man series underway after the end of the Spider-Verse

A new Spider-Man book is coming out of the next Spider-Verse event, and two legendary creators are returning to headline the new series.

Two legends who left their mark on the iconic hero Spider Man come back to create a new series following the last spider worms adventure. Dan Slott and Mark Bagley will direct a new ongoing title that will follow Peter after the Edge of Spider-Verse miniseries.

The Spider-Verse concept was pioneered, in part, by Slott during the epic Spider Man scenario of the same name. Morlun of the Inheritors embarked on a multi-dimensional hunt to kill all the Spider-Heroes he could, forcing Peter Parker to team up with several Spider-People in order to survive Morlun’s attack. The arc introduced fan-favorite variants like Spider-Gwen and opened up the world of Spider-Man far beyond Peter’s adventures. Marvel recently announced that Dan Slott will be returning to revisit the concept of the miniseries. Edge of Spider-Verseall leading up to the epic finale End of the spider verse. Now, Marvel is hinting at what’s to come for Spider-Man and his allies after his next game-changing event.


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On their official website, Marvel Comics revealed that Dan Slott and Mark Bagley would be the creators behind Spider Mana new set in progress in the wake of Edge of the Spider-Verse. A powerful threat makes itself known that hints at deadly implications for Spider-Gwen, Miles Morales, Silk, Spider-Woman and, of course, Peter Parker. The events of Spider Man won’t be standalone as the plot points will tie into those of Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr. The Amazing Spider-Man. Slott highlighted the ongoing news, promising “BIG leaps in every issue“. He also says that this series will be “the Spider-Verse comic to END all Spider-Verse comicsWith the return of Morlun and the ominous hints Slott drops about Spider’s multiversal heroes, the swan song of the Spider-Verse seems to be fast approaching.

Cover of Spider-Man Slot Bagley Marvel Comics

There’s no doubt that the Spider-Verse helped revitalize the Spider-Man franchise. Heroes like Spider-Gwen became instant fan favorites when they first appeared, and their popularity has only grown over the past few years. There’s a reason Gwen Stacy has her own Avengers team. The idea even inspired other similar stories with Spider heroes like Miles and Gwen exploring the multiverse with their variants. The prospect of the Spider-Verse ending would be a stunning change to the status quo, but it could be an interesting avenue for Peter and his allies to explore.

The Spider-Verse has opened up new territory and given readers creative new takes on the classic Marvel character. From variations of Peter Parker to crawling dinosaurs, Spider-Man had many allies across the Spider-Verse. But what will it mean for Peter, Miles, Gwen and everyone else if it ends? What will happen if Morlun finally succeeds in his mission to kill all the spiders in the multiverse? Spider-Man has faced some tough odds before, but he may have to face his greatest threat without the help of his greatest allies. What the future holds Spider Man and the spider worms remains to be seen, but fans will be able to see for themselves when Slott and Bagley’s new series releases.

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Spider Man will be available on October 5, 2022.

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