Latto’s ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ Verse Doesn’t Dispel Atlanta Rappers

Omeretta’s new song The Great “Sorry Not Sorry” has caused turmoil in the Atlanta area, prompting responses from Latto and TI, as well as a debate on social media about residents of the surrounding areas that can claim the city. Incidentally, when Latto stepped in, she was apparently already in the studio with Omeretta, recording her verse for the song’s remix – a verse that has since sparked a new round of debate thanks to Latto checking the names of a number of artists who lay claim to Atlanta but aren’t technically from the city proper.

Latto has apparently noticed chatter on Twitter claiming she’s dissenting from artists like 21 Savage, Ciara, Ludacris and Migos, saying they’re not really from Atlanta – although she freely admits that her own hometown in the county Clayton is not within the city limits either. She addressed the controversy head-on, tweeting, “Y’all I’m not dissing the people I named on the verse!!! So I say Migos is not Atlanta?? 21, Ciara, Ludacris etc because they are technically out of town but helped make it what it is!”

Despite Latto’s verse technically refuting Omeretta’s claims about the original song, the upstart rapper praised her collaborator, telling her Twitter followers, “When Latto sent the verse back, I couldn’t even send of texting i had to call like a girl wtf why you doing this track like that.

Perhaps Latto’s verse will finally settle the debate after highlighting the contributions of so many “out of town” to help make the city’s rap footprint what it is today. You can check out his verse below.

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