Latto lends supporting verse to controversial Omeretta The Great track, “Sorry Not Sorry” [Video]

Omeretta The Great and Latto have teamed up on one issue before, now they’ve teamed up again.

via: Uproxx

Atlanta rapper Omeretta The Great is a talented artist who has spent quite some time working her way up the hip-hop scene. Last month, she took a gamble with her controversial song “Sorry Not Sorry.” The track was meant to set the record straight on cities that are and aren’t considered “Atlanta.” “College Park ain’t Atlanta / Lithonia ain’t Atlanta,” she raps on the song. “Clayco is not Atlanta / Decatur is not Atlanta / Gwinnett is not Atlanta / Roswell is not Atlanta / Forest Park is not Atlanta / Lilburn is not Atlanta.”

The song caused a lot of controversy on social media, as many questioned whether Omeretta’s claims were correct. One of those who responded was fellow Atlanta rapper Latto, who actually said Omeretta “spoke the truth” about the song. Now, Latto has lent her talents to the rising rapper by remixing “Sorry Not Sorry.” Much like Omeretta, Latto shows pride and love for his hometown while naming artists like Migos, 21 Savage, Ciara, Ludacris and Outkast as well as towns like Clay County and Decatur.

While Latto may be supporting Omeretta’s song, TI had a different take on “Sorry Not Sorry.” He did so through an indirect response on Instagram. “With respect….Only fools dispute the facts,” he captioned a photo from the Atlanta metro area.

You can check out Latto’s remix of “Sorry Not Sorry” below.

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