Katrina Van Humbeck releases new album inspired by Isaiah’s verses

A Manitoba singing teacher and artist is releasing her third album, giving all the glory to God through her songs.

“Somehow I know that [my mom] rejoicing in heaven right now with me thinking, ‘There you go. I’m still so proud of you,” said Katrina Van Humbeck upon the release of her latest album, Even stronger.

When Van Humbeck isn’t teaching private lessons at the Winnipeg Conservatory of Music or supply teaching, she puts her heart into her music.

“My mother passed away in February 2016. We were very close and my mother was a real woman of faith, a warrior of prayer. One of those real encouragements. My sister and I were at her bedside when she passed away. I remember June 13 that year, I started writing lyrics about his passing.”

Van Humbeck releases his first album blue and beyond in 2017, which included the song she wrote about her mother’s death titled “I’ll Watch You Go”.

“I’ve always loved writing as a literature teacher, but with music, the combination of music and lyrics together, it’s just an incredible joy for me. This creative flow was a need to express myself from this way through songwriting and it’s also another avenue to give glory to God.”

Even stronger, Van Humbeck’s third album contains 10 original tracks.

“It’s a really neat creation, styled during the pandemic. I was inspired by my faith in God. I wanted to focus on bringing hope and encouragement over the past few years when people suffered so much loss and immeasurable pain.”

The themes of Van Humbeck’s songs are love, hope and strength. Each is related in some way to the Bible verse found in Isaiah 40:31, which she calls a powerful verse.

“I’m so glad I got to share these songs when they came out. One woman said, ‘Wow this really speaks to me because I’ve been through a really tough time over the past few years and these songs are really going to keep you busy. of me. That’s exactly what I want to hear.”

The outing took place on April 30 at the CCFM (Centre Culturel Franco-Manitobain) in Saint-Boniface.

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