Kanye West Awaits DaBaby’s Verse For New ‘DONDA’ Album

Kanye West initially refused to release his highly anticipated album “DONDA” without a verse from DaBaby, who West said was “the only person who said he would vote for me in public.”

West, 44, took to Instagram to share screenshots between himself and manager, Abou ‘Bu’ Thiam early Sunday morning, where the manager informed Yeezy that DaBaby’s management had not signed his verse for the new song, “Jail,” – which originally featured West’s “Watch the Throne” collaborator Jay-Z.

“Dababy’s manager doesn’t clear ‘jail,’ so we won’t be able to upload unless we take it down. What are your thoughts?” Bu asked the Chicago rapper, who wanted to know exactly what the problem.

“I don’t know,” Bu replied. “And neither of them answers there [sic] call.”

“I’m not taking my brother away,” West replied. “He was the only person who said he would vote for me in public.”

Text by Kanye West.
Kanye West has shared screenshots explaining why “DONDA” hasn’t been released yet.

Last year, West ran for president alongside Joe Biden and Donald Trump, with most of the designer’s peers dismissing his chances. The 29-year-old “ROCKSTAR” rapper, however, tweeted at the time, “I’ll let you finish…. But you fucked me up, you think I don’t vote for Ye.

West then contacted DaBaby himself, letting him know that the album had been put on hold pending the song being deleted.

“Did you know? West asked, to which DaBaby replied, “Damn, I don’t know.” I will hit them now.

“Yo manager cap,” West added, calling DaBaby’s manager a liar. “They tried to keep you out. The people next to you were trying to destroy you. But God has a bigger plan.

“A plan that cannot be stopped!! DaBaby agreed.

West finally released “DONDA” on Sunday morning, including the version of “Jail” with Jay Z, while “Jail pt 2” is not yet available for streaming.

The North Carolina artist is currently under fire for homophobic comments he made during July’s Rolling Loud Festival in Miami. He has since been pulled from several other music festivals,” but was present at West’s last “DONDA” listening session.

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