Kanye West apologizes to Soulja Boy after claiming Donda’s cut verse was “trash”: “I love you man”

Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West, apologized to Soulja Boy after claiming he dropped him from his recent album because his verse was “trashy.”

In August, rapper “Crank That” claimed he was asked to collaborate with West on the album’s track “Remote Control” Donda, but that the verse had been “cut” without his knowledge.

He later called West a “coward” for not telling him he was taken off the album.

“Have you heard this verse? West responded when asked why he deleted the rapper’s contribution, responding “no” when asked if his feature was good. Soulja Boy then hit West on Instagram Live, calling West for saying his verse was ‘trash’.

However, in a screenshot shared to West’s Instagram on Wednesday, November 10, the “Stronger” rapper was seen reaching out to Soulja Boy in apology.

“Yo it’s Ye,” West wrote. “I love you brother. I should have told you that I was not going to use the verse.

Soulja Boy responded to the message by heart, writing, “I love you too brother. That’s all I wanted.

The post has since been deleted, but was shared on social media.

In addition to ending the drama between him and Soulja Boy, West said this week that he is ready to end his long-standing feud with Drake.

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