Joe Budden Claims Jay-Z Billed $250,000 For “Pump It Up” Verse

Jay Z might not charge for guest places these days, however, that seems like that’s not always the case.

For, Joe Budden now claims that Hov charged him a fair amount of money to be featured on his song “Pump it up.”

More details below…

During an interview with the ‘Flip Da Script’ podcast, Budden revealed that his team tried to get Jay-Z to record a remix of his single “Pump It Up,” but they couldn’t afford his $250,000, saying:

“I don’t think it’s a big number. I think that was his number. This is my number to rap to this new artist’s remix. It was just big in my world, but it wasn’t a big number.

Budden goes on to defend Jay-Z and claims he doesn’t think Hov was overloading, saying:

“It was normal for the course. It was normal. It was important to me because it was inaccessible. It was out of my budget, but the blessing was that he gave a figure. If there was a way to get it, maybe it is. Maybe the start of your career will be different if you can find that money. But no, we didn’t have that.

However, he also revealed that he is still optimistic about getting the ‘Holy Grail’ rapper on the song due to his relationship with the song’s producer Just Blaze.

Jay’s “Pump It Up” verse saw the light of day and it made it onto his greatest hits album of 2010, “Jay-Z: The Hits Collection, Volume 1”, which Budden praised.

News of Jay-Z’s cost comes shortly after he revealed to Kevin Hart that it doesn’t charge for features (as we’ve reported here).

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