Jayda Cheaves reacts to ‘Girls Want Girls’ verse from Lil Baby

Lil Baby’s ex-girlfriend Jayda Cheaves can’t understand her lyrics on “Girls Want Girls.”

Lil Baby may not be with longtime sweetheart Jayda Cheaves anymore, but they continue to show the world that they’ll ride for each other even though they might not be on very good terms. .

The former couple split earlier this year after a fraud scandal rocked things online, with Lil Baby accused of cheating on Jayda with multiple women, including an adult movie star. They however remain loyal to each other, always showing their love on social media. After all, they have spent years of their life as a couple and have a child together. But since they came out of a romantic relationship, it seems Jayda can no longer keep up with Baby’s preferences in the bedroom.

Prince Williams / Getty Images

Sharing a new TikTok video this week, Jayda reacted to one of the lyrics from Lil Baby’s verse on “Girls Want Girls” from Drake’s album. Boy in love certified. She applied lip gloss while listening to the song, reacting to one of her ex’s bars and thinking it was cute, but having an opposite response to the following lyrics about oral sex.

“She likes to eat p *** y, I’m like me too,” Lil Baby raps on the song, but Jayda can’t understand. “Wait, eh? I can’t understand,” she wrote on the video, telling fans it was only swaying one way.

Prince Williams / Getty Images

Watch the video below and let us know if you think Jayda and Baby will ever get back together.

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