JAY-Z’s verse to DJ Khaled’s “GOD DID” is our rap song of the week

Every Friday, Rap Song of the Week highlights the hip-hop tracks you need to hear. Check out the full playlist here. This week, JAY-Z delivers an all-time verse to DJ Khaled’s “GOD DID.”

Rick Ross and Lil Wayne can’t be happy to appear alongside JAY-Z on “GOD DID,” the title track from DJ Khaled’s latest all-star compilation, because Hov’s verse is the only one whose entire world will remember. In four minutes, Jay reminds the rap game exactly why he’s one of the greatest of all time, not only based on his skill, but also his influence. Although no one blames Jay for hanging up on him after the masterful 4:44hip-hop is a sport and there’s no doubt he listened when other MCs are bought into the conversations of the best living rappers.

On “GOD DID”, Jay begins by bragging about Drake’s “Pound Cake” of making more millionaires “than the lotto has made”. Over the past decade, the “local boy with the local office” became hip-hop’s first billionaire and played a huge role in creating a few others: Kanye West and Rihanna. Going far beyond the drug trade and the music industry, Jay has redefined the bar for anyone who dreams of hip-hop.

Just as Steph Curry gave hope to every young hooper with a jump shot, Jay showed how it’s possible to jump from projects to the boardroom using music to get your foot in the door – even s ‘it admittedly took luck to get here. “The odds weren’t good, we’re even alive / Gotta be mad with y’all, we were surprised,” he raps. “Hov is a real n****’s dream / My only goal, make a real n**** feel seen.”

That’s not to say Jay has let go of his God complex – Hova is derived from Jehova, after all – and some of his biggest flexes on “GOD DID” play into that sentiment with lines like, “It’s not songs, they’re hymns ’cause I’m Him/ It’s Psalm 151, that New Testament/ The Book of Hov (The Book of Hov)/ Jesus turned the water to wine, for Hov, he just needed a stove.

Of course, none of Jay’s bravado would matter if his flow wasn’t always up to snuff. In the past, he’s had tough times like Michael Jordan playing for the Wizards, but “GOD DID” isn’t one of them. While Jay may not have the same floor as he once did, he’s still capable of racking up 60 points when the time is right. That’s why we better hear a great verse from JAY-Z whenever he feels like it instead of tarnishing his legacy with another. Magna Carta Holy Grail.

Hoping Jay doesn’t listen to calls for another album – unless he gets another one somehow 4:44 left in him.

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