JAY-Z’s ‘GOD DID’ Verse Recorded In One Take, New Photos From Young Guru Show

“Let’s be clear for the youngsters. Doing a song in one take is just a talent level bonus. The song is what’s important,” Guru wrote on Instagram earlier this week.

JAY-Z’s Longtime Engineer Young Guru Revealed After DJ Khaled Joins GOD HAS MADE album that Hov recorded his signature verse on the project’s main track in one take. While some online haters and trolls doubted him, the 48-year-old got all the necessary receipts to prove them wrong.

On Sunday, September 4, the audio master shared two photos on his Instagram feed from the studio session during which they recorded the New York native’s bars, both of which show a single audio recording captured over the duration of their working day.

JAY-Z in 2015 — Elsa/Getty Images

“This is [the] first and last time i will do this,” Guru wrote to his followers, addressing those who accused him of plateauing. “I don’t care if you believe me when I say he did that verse @djkhaled in one take. Let’s be clear for young people. Doing a song in one take is just a talent level bonus. The song is what’s important.”

The Delaware native went on to praise the work JAY-Z puts into his lyrics before he even entered the booth. “Questions like, ‘Are these the right words?’, ‘Are you going in the right direction?’, ‘Is this the best flow?’ are all answered and addressed mentally long before you tape in. Then you say the verse over and over in the control room to commemorate it.

“Does Jay do ALL the verses in one take? No,” Guru clarified. “But did he do a LOT of verses in one take? Shit yes!!! I have no reason to [cap emoji]! Watch the screen zoom in. There are no chops or pauses in this audio. This ‘I don’t believe you unless I see it’ thing is foreign to me. Here is your proof. It doesn’t matter if you believed me…God did!!!” he concluded his lengthy post.

As HipHopDX note, during a Twitter Spaces event on August 31, the father-of-three apparently dismissed Guru’s claims about his legendary work in the booth, revealing he believed he misrepresented the delivery of the verse.

“So while we were waiting for you to send the beat, we were just playing the [loop] inside the control room; so i was going through it a few [of] times,” the “Family Feud” artist said at the time. “I was just rapping like, any part, it kept looping and the drops were happening in the wrong place.”

“So I cheated on a couple [of] times before entering the cabin, I was playing it in the control room; so when I went into the cabin, it was pretty much a done deal.”

Revisit DJ Khaled’s “GOD DID” below.


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