JAY-Z says every word in his divine verse is real fact

Less than a week ago, JAY-Z released not just one of the best rap verses of 2022, but a benchmark set of bars within a storied career. Hours after “GOD DID” dropped Friday, August 26 on DJ Khaled’s album of the same name, JAY-Z’s associates, including his engineer, A&R, and sometimes DJ, Young Guru shared some new insight into the meaning of his words. This week DJ Khaled appeared on Twitter Spaces and was joined by JAY-Z. “It’s an incredible show of unity. It feels like an all-star game when these albums come out,” Jay says of GOD HAS MADE during the appearance. The song also features Lil Wayne and Rick Ross on an album that involves Drake, Lil Baby, Eminem, Kanye West, Dr. Dre, Juice WRLD, Jadakiss, and more. “It’s a beautiful thing for the culture,” Jay notes at 2:45 in a video that documents the event online.

In the conversation, moderated by journalist Rob Markman and featuring Roc Nation executive Lenny S., Khaled recalled JAY-Z getting ready to deliver the verse. “The cigar lit up, a bottle opened, and the vibrations started happening,” says Khaled. Jay would have had a one-hour window involving helicopter transport. Jay added that his studio prep was reminiscent of a story Irv Gotti recently shared about Jay waiting in D&D Studios for Nas in the mid-1990s. “I was cheating; [Young Guru] didn’t say that part. While we waited for you to send the beat, we just played the beat [loop] inside the control room. So I walked through it several times while we waited. I was just rapping about any part. It kept looping and the drops were happening in the wrong place. Khaled confirms that “Hov hit on the hook, the breaks” to get his thoughts across. Jay repeats, “I cheated many times.” However, the Brooklyn legend had a good take to cement the moment: “When I went into the stand, it was pretty much a done deal.”

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Rob Markman points to Jay’s “GOD DID” verse as a representation of Hip-Hop actualization. While Jay peers like Special Ed once rapped from an ambitious place on songs like “I Got It Made,” songs like “GOD DID” show a billionaire living out his wildest dreams. “First of all, you have to remember that Hip-Hop was demonized when we first came out. And then we were underestimated. As [DJ] Khaled said they didn’t believe in us. Remember, hip-hop was a fad. Make your story,” says Jay to as many people as possible. “After they couldn’t get rid of us, they demonized us. And they started driving tractors on our CDs and stuff like that. This is all history. Jay references campaigns by former Vice President Dan Quayle, Tipper Gore, C. Delores Tucker and others that targeted hip-hop artists ranging from 2 Live Crew and Tupac Shakur to Paris and Ice-T’s Metal outfit Body Count.

JAY-Z, who included criticism from conservative pundit Tomi Lahren in “Drug Dealer’s Anonymous” in 2016, celebrates victory. “This, to me, feels like the end [of the movie] where the bad guy survives – doesn’t go to jail, but gets to pop more shit. So it’s that feeling. I don’t know if we’ve ever been vocalized this way and whether it’s all true.”

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Jay illustrates the real life that inspired “GOD DID”. He continues: “The thing that makes me proudest of all, every word I said in this thing is an actual fact. [which]for me it’s a hard thing to do – like rapping for so long and every bar is like a real fact, as far as hip hop goes ” Jay refers to his line “In memory of Teelo,which is a lyric about Ty Ty’s late brother, Trance. Ty Ty is among Jay’s closest associates. It points to the line “Many fallen soldiers on these roads of sinas a nod to Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls, peers with whom Jay shared powerful stories. He then points toRemoving snow from a frozen Timb.“These are people who are not named and whom you do not know; there is so many of my life there,” says Jay, who also alludes to Caddy being a true figure from the tycoon’s past. “How powerful the music is, the range of the music and where we [have] come to.” He responds to Markman’s comment about yearning for actualization with “You’re 100% on point.”

Markman, also an MC, then asks JAY-Z if he is self-censoring. Along the way, he asks why this verse happened at this particular time. “I don’t know if I am self-censoring. I am aware of the timing of things. Again, some of these things are out of my control. It’s just the way the world works and the universe works – Khaled came at this exact moment. There are times when I like a beat or I like a song and the timing isn’t right – or the timing is right and I don’t like a song. It’s so important to get things done these days; I have a lot on my plate. Hov seems to point to divine inspiration, accompanying the album and song title, and a theme from DJ Khaled’s 13th album. “It’s just magic. It’s really out of our control.

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Markman points to Jay’s “Pound Cake” verse, released nine years ago this month on Drake’s Nothing was the same. At the time, Jay spat: “I made more millionaires than the lotto / Dame made millions, Biggs made millions / ‘Ye made millions, Just made millions / Lyor made millions, Cam’ made millions.“Going from millions to billions, Jay has a similar feeling on ‘GOD DID’ when he raps,”Nobody touched the billi’ till Hov did / How many billionaires can come from Hov’s crib? / Huh I count three, me, ‘Ye, and Rih / Bron is a Roc boy, so four, technically.“He references himself, Kanye West, Rihanna and Lebron James.

JAY-Z lays out on the line as a rallying cry. “We are not going to stop. Hip-hop is young. We continue to grow. We didn’t fall for that trick, no matter what the public broadcast,” he says. Jay points to institutional racism and the words some critics use about him. “Before, it was the American dream: ‘grab yourself by the straps of your boots and you will succeed in America’, all those lies that America has told us all our lives. And then when we start getting it, they try to kick us out. They start to invent words like “capitalist” and things like that. We were called ‘ni**er’ and ‘monkeys’ and sh*t; I don’t care – those words you all find, you all need to find stronger words. Jay comes back to his charge and speaks directly to people who want to see him and others lose. “We are not going to stop. We are not going to be fooled of our position. You locked us up. You have created a system that does not include us. We said fine. We took our alternate route and created this music; we did our thing. We jostled each other; we fucking killed ourselves to get into this space, and now it’s like, ‘eat the rich.’ We don’t stop. »

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Jay also brings his point of view to Hip-Hop, revisiting the beginnings of his solo career. “We just sold seven records and sold records in our vault; no radio playback. I think Reasonable doubt made 36,000 [sold] the first week or something like that. Jay admits his story may be overstated and his 1996 independent debut may have sold even less.

As Jay points to reality in his verse, he uses the moment to get vivid and real too. “I come from the Marcy projects; my first home – 615 Lexington Avenue, my grandmother’s house [held] seven families. She had seven children; my parents and siblings lived in this house. Jay recalls that he once brought Oprah Winfrey into this space. He remembers that return visit. “I couldn’t believe how small this house was, that we all lived in this house. This evolution you’re talking about, it’s real, and it’s happening in real time, and I’m talking about that. We won’t stop, and we won’t stop talking about it. You won’t cheat or shame us for succeeding in a place [where a system is set up] for us to be dead at 21. No sir. Not us.”

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After civil rights lawyer turned MSNBC host Ari Melber talks about his recent “HOV DID” video essay, Jay reacts to everyone. “In the verse I say, ‘My only goal, make a real nigga feel seen.“When someone breaks it down that way, we all feel seen.” Hov mentions receiving similar praise from A$AP Ferg when releasing “GOD DID.”

Notably, Jay officially released the audio of Ari Melber’s lyrics about the song:

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“GOD DID” is currently included on the official website Ambrosia for the heads playlist.

#BonusBeat: A AFH original video that examines what would happen if JAY-Z had stuck to his retirement plan after Reasonable doubt:

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