Jay-Z breaks down his “God Did” verse on Twitter Spaces

One of the most talked about verses of the year is undoubtedly Jay-Z’s verse to “God Did” featured on DJ Khaled’s new album of the same name. Even MSNBC’s Ari Melber dissected it on his show while talking about corruption in the United States, prompting comments from LeBron James.

Yesterday (August 31), Jay-Z took to Twitter Spaces in a room hosted by DJ Khaled, Genius’ Rob Markman and Roc Nation photographer Lenny Santiago, and broke down the song, which he’s now notoriously recorded into a single take. Khaled opened the conversation by saying that when Jay talks, you listen.

“When the God [JAY-Z] is on, you are listening. Don’t interrupt. You let everything come clean and clear,” Khaled said. “When the God is on, you listen, and that’s what I was doing. My, I like you, man; there are no words you know what i say all i will say every time i see you when i am not near you. You are my idol, my brother, my friend, and I appreciate what you have done for us on this record.

Jay explained his mindset when creating the verse.

“In the verse I say ‘my only purpose is to do the true [ones] feel seen,” and when someone breaks it down that way, we all feel seen,” he said. “And it wasn’t me, I got calls from everyone like, ‘man, we needed that over there’ or ‘that was amazing.’ [A$AP] Ferg hit me like, ‘we needed that right there so people [can] articulate and understand what we are going through.

Find out on the convo above.

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