J. Cole would charge $2,000 per word for a feature verse

J.Cole has been a mainstay in the rap industry for decades, and his influence isn’t slowing down anytime soon. The rapper has made waves over the years with his lyrical prowess and chart-topping albums. There has been talk of him releasing an album with another industry great, Kendrick Lamar, although nothing has been confirmed.

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Interestingly, Cole ensures that he gets paid heavily to be featured in any artist’s songs, with his fees starting at $2,000 for every word in a verse.

J. Cole lyrics don’t come cheap

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Prior to 2019, Cole was known for not being a big collaborator. He selectively chose which artists he would work with and always managed to deliver more than expected in his solo performances. In 2019, the accomplished rapper broke that reputation to deliver a series of hard-hitting features.

His first feature song was on Young Thug’s “The London” alongside Travis Scott. Complex reports that Cole may have hinted how much he charges in one of his lines in the song. The site acknowledges that the rapper has not provided any information about his earnings in the traditional way.

However, he says, “One verse from me is like eleven birds. I did the math. It’s like 2000 dollars for every word. Complex estimates that Cole’s verse in the song was around 210 words. According to his calculations, the rapper may have earned a ballpark figure of $420,000.

The site also notes that the star keeps his verses between 200 and 350 words, which means Cole on a song could cost a rapper or singer upwards of $700,000. Still, it’s unclear if this is true, or if it was a carefully crafted line by a talented lyricist and rapper.

J. Cole has an impressive career

Cole began experimenting with music at the age of 14. He deepened his understanding of music when his mother bought him a Roland TR-808. Cole began performing under the name Blaza before changing his stage name to Therapist.

In 2009, he appeared on Jay-Z’s album The plan after releasing his second mixtape, warming up. It was also featured on Wale’s debut album Lack of attention This year. He then appeared in various albums, including train of thoughts by Eternal Reflection, revolutions per minute, and May 25 by BoB

In 2011, Cole worked on Lamar’s debut album Section. 80 marking the first time the two have worked together. his album Cole World: The Sub Story debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 chart after its release in September 2011.

His subsequent albums gave him similar success, and although he left behind a select group of artists on his mixtapes, he developed a reputation as one of the few artists not to collaborate with others.

Every record Cole has released since joining, and initial signing to Roc Nation, has been a huge hit and has positioned Cole as a power player in the hip hop industry. Since stepping into the limelight, Cole has won multiple awards, including eight BET Awards, a Billboard Music Award and a Grammy. He also has three Soul Train Awards.

J. Cole’s net worth and how he makes his money

Cole has an impressive net worth, having earned his money through music and partnerships. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the rapper is worth $60 million. The site also reports that Cole is one of the highest paid rappers in the world, with his typical annual earnings being $30 million.

Cole is rumored to be joining basketball, which means his net worth is heading for a steady increase.

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