Into the Spider-Verse’s Shaun of the Dead Sequel Nod, explained

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse contains many Easter eggs and pop culture references. From its affectionate imitations of famous Spider-Man moments to re-enactments of popular memes, it’s filled to the brim with nods to things many fans might not even notice on first viewing. This includes references not only to Spider-Man but to other pop culture films and media as well.

One of those remarkable references comes in the form of a fake advertisement. During the sequence in which Peter B. Parker explains how he ended up in Miles’ reality, viewers get a brief glimpse of Times Square, where his iconic display of virtual billboards is filled with advertisements and d non-existent movie posters. On one of these screens is a poster for a film titled From dusk to Shaun. Although this reference to Edgar Wright Shaun of the Dead It may seem unimportant to some, there is more story behind this Easter egg than you might think.

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Into the Spider-VerseCo-director Rodney Rothman once revealed on Twitter that he wanted to fill the film’s many universes with things that were “the same but different.” This was done as a way to establish the fact that Into the Spider-Verse does not take place in the real world. As part of the accomplishment of this gargantuan task, he asked certain filmmakers to provide him with theoretical titles for films that never saw the light of day. One of those filmmakers was Edgar Wright, who had no trouble providing him with an answer.

The title Wright suggested to Rothman was From dusk to Shaun. Turns out that suggestion came from a movie pitch that he and Simon Pegg joked about while they were still filming. Shaun of the Dead. In this imagined film, Shaun of the DeadThe leaders, Shaun and Ed, are placed in an alternate reality where they end up fighting vampires instead of zombies. It was an idea that was never really taken seriously, and Wright and Pegg went no further than writing a cinematic treatment for the film. According to Wright, the reason the idea never came forward was that he ultimately wanted to “do something completely different,” so the concept was dropped altogether.

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This anecdote makes the inclusion of the Easter egg in the movie interesting, as it shows how much detail and research went into the creation Into the Spider-Verse. The fact that Rothman went out of his way to include a movie that had the potential to exist in the real world shows that the creators cared about making Miles Morales’ world as authentic as possible. This amount of dedication to worldbuilding was admirable, and this is one of the reasons why Into the Spider-Verse works as well as it does.

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