HYBE intern apologizes after backlash against ‘provocative’ rap line

An intern at HYBE Labels, home of BTS, apologized for a “provocative” rap line that drew backlash.

The intern, known as Leo, was featured by HYBE earlier this year as one of six members of the upcoming boy group currently known as Trainee A. Notably, Leo had also appeared in the music video for BTS’s “Permission To Dance” earlier this year. .

Leo was recently criticized for what he has since described as “provocative” rap verse in a now-deleted video posted to Intern A’s official YouTube channel. This video, titled “Showdown,” was a rap battle between interns from all HYBE subsidiaries including Pledis Entertainment, Source Music and more.

The 19-year-old was arrested for his rap verse, which was criticized for being allegedly “misogynistic and offensive”, by Soompi, use viewers by indicating the lines: “Nobody’s gonna tell me why that bitch stopped breathing / Fuck that bitch in my bank / Yeah, that shit just stopped breathing.

The production team behind Intern A has since deleted the ‘Showdown’ video and issued an official apology on YouTube, where they apologized for ‘not acknowledging the seriousness of the problem and posting a video with content inappropriate ”.

“We would also like to apologize to all those to whom we have caused pain and distress because of the words in question. We will use extra caution in creating content, ”the team added. “We will be vigilant to ensure that each intern, including Leo, fully understands the issues of diversity and respect so that they can be more attentive to their actions and words. “

The post also included a personal apology from Leo, who explained his initial intentions behind the rap verse. “Since it was a competition, I felt like I had to use more provocative words and phrases to make an impact,” he wrote. “It ultimately led me to make an extremely bad decision which I feel very embarrassed about.”

“I feel extremely embarrassed and ashamed of my performance,” he added. “While I cannot go back, I am aware that it was all my fault and will do whatever it takes to reflect and learn from my mistakes.”

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