How Much TikTok Influencers Can Make From Songs and Music Promotions

  • Artistic Director Griffin Haddrill and former Vine star Sean Young co-founded boutique marketing agency VRTCL to guide artists and record labels on how to promote songs on TikTok.
  • The pair said influencer campaigns on TikTok far outweigh promotions for songs performed on competing apps like Instagram Reels.
  • Marketers typically pay micro-influencers anywhere from a few hundred dollars to up to “thousands of dollars” for song campaigns on TikTok, Haddrill said.
  • “When you look at the top 10, 20 and top 30 creators of the app, I would say you’re willing to spend between $ 8,000 and $ 50,000 on an item,” he added.
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TikTok has become a hit with record companies and artists, and many music marketing startups have emerged to take advantage of it.

Flighthouse, ATG Media, and Creed Media are just a few of the players driving song trends on TikTok through influencer campaigns. And art director Griffin Haddrill and former star of the vine Sean Young co-founded the boutique agency, VRTCL, to similarly guide artists and record companies on how to promote songs on the app.

The pair said influencer campaigns on TikTok far outperform those of other shorthand video apps they’ve tested like Triller and Instagram Reels.

“Instagram is trying so hard to have a platform that you can promote songs on,” Young said of Reels. “It’s terrible. The budgets that go into Instagram, all these people should be putting money into TikTok.”

“We have always found that TikTok remains the most engaged, the most used, and the most rewarding per dollar spent,” said Haddrill.

Some marketers who have tested Instagram Reels have noted that the platform helps labels reach a different demographic that is not on TikTok. But they also said the bulk of a campaign’s budget should go to TikTok.

“If we have $ 10,000 to spend

influencer marketing

for a song, they’ll spend $ 7,000 on TikTok, $ 3,000 on Reels, ”Johnny Cloherty, CEO and co-founder of music marketing agency Songfluencer, told Business Insider in October.

How much influencers can earn from song campaigns on TikTok

Haddrill and Young said a typical song promotion budget is between $ 10,000 and $ 100,000 depending on the goals of a record label and the popularity of an artist. Depending on the campaign strategy, the dollars are split between a few dozen low-subscriber influencers or a few mega stars.

With smaller budgets, the team takes a “scattered approach” where they hire between 20 and 30 micro-influencers and let the creators choose their own approach to embedding a song in a video.

“These influencers don’t take a lot of budget and we can kind of assess and see what is really working,” Haddrill said. “If there is a specific trend that people emulate on the app … this is where we really step on the pedal.”

For great artists like Saweetie, the team said they would often hire only a few of TikTok’s most popular creators to do multiple posts with a lead.

“Our strategy when we go with the top influencers on the platform is that we pay to make two or three videos on a song and they run those videos over a month,” Hadrill said. “We want to show the folks on the platform that your idol in TikTok really loves and cares about this record.”

Marketers typically pay micro-influencers anywhere from a few hundred dollars to up to “thousands of dollars” for song campaigns on TikTok, Hadrill said.

“When you look at the top 10, 20 and top 30 creators of the app, I would say you’re willing to spend between $ 8,000 and $ 50,000 on an item,” he added.

Why a dancing bird can be a more effective marketing hire than a mega influencer

VRTCL’s approach of switching between top creators and less famous influencers mirrors that of other music promoters on TikTok.

RCA Records hired TikTok’s biggest star Charli D’Amelio in November to post a video with “Hawái (Remix)” by Maluma & The Weeknd from RCA (XO and Republic) using the hashtag #sonypartner. But the label also regularly calls on the creators with the lowest number of subscribers to the application to promote its artists.

“At best, your micro-influencer campaign is so successful that it sets the trend on its own, and then the biggest influencers will launch organically,” Tarek Al-Hamdouni, SVP of digital marketing at label, Business Insider said.

“You don’t need to hire a Charli,” Young said. “We just paid someone who has a dancing bird … no more than $ 1,000 to dance with their bird for a song. He got more views on that video than someone we paid with $ 30. million followers for a tenth of the cost. “

“It’s really about finding the creativity and seeing what works on the app,” he said. “That’s why video concepts are more important than the people you hire. “

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