Garth Brooks’ ‘This Is What Cowboys Do’ Has Secret Third Verse

Garth Brooks’ new single “That’s What Cowboys Do” has a third verse, but you’ll have to work to hear it. The interpretations of the song’s unpublished lyrics are not underground, but they are not in abundance.

Earlier, Brooks had said he wrote the “retro, George Strait-feeling” country song for the Midland country trio, but he loved it too much to give it away. Mitch Rossell and John Martin are Brooks’ co-authors on the song, and lyrically, yes, that tells parts of its story.

“Just a fact that we all go through,” Brooks shares when asked to describe How? ‘Or’ What. “I didn’t write ‘Alabama Clay’, but I experienced this song. It’s the artist’s job or the artist’s job. You have to make this song yourself.”

“She told me she felt lonely and that everything would be fine / So happy forever only meant one night,” he sings to start the song “That’s What Cowboys Do”.

“So we saddled up in satin and left for the morning sun / Oh, but somewhere between neon and the early morning sky / I saw I was falling in love with those deep blue eyes / And I couldn’t keep me from wondering, could this woman be the right one? “

Find a piece of Brooks in these last lines. Wife Trisha Yearwood Is it that have blue eyes, and he leans back for a good giggle when pointed out.

“If Miss Yearwood isn’t sure how she thinks I feel about her, it’s 100% my fault, but she must be deaf and blind,” says Brooks. “I will swoon over her forever. All you can do is all you can do, but I will spend every day convincing this woman not to leave me by the side of the road.”

However, during “This is what the cowboys do”, that’s exactly what the cowboy does. This is where her story seems to deviate from her actual love story. The chorus says:

“But a cowboy always has somewhere to go / Another song to sing, another day to save, another rodeo / They always leave town chasing sunsets / It’s nothing new / Yeah, they’re just passing through / That’s what cowboys do. “

“I’m going to record and say this might be the most country track we’ve released since ‘Far too young to feel that damn old man.’ So I’m surprised at the response it gets. I really am. Brooks told Taste of Country.

The recorded version – and therefore, the version you’ll hear on the radio – ends with the departure, but before his tour stop in Nashville, Brooks said he just revealed a special live-action version with a third verse that “sort of explains it and takes it to the next level. Or the last level.” He debuted a week ago on July 23 in Cheyenne, Wyo. He had planned to play it for his fans in Nashville as well. , but the show was finally rained.

After his two remaining live concert dates in August, Brooks says he will reassess the rest of his stadium tour plans as there has been an increase in COVID-19 cases. This means fans in Kansas City, Missouri (August 7) ​​and Lincoln, Neb., (August 14) can join Cheyenne fans in an exclusive club to witness this mysterious third verse.

If anyone wants to break the rules and share a snippet of that last verse, the internet will thank you.

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