Gallant Comeback music video release information

Contemporary R&B sensation Gallant kicked off their 2021 by adding a new single to their discography titled “Comeback”. This is the former Grammy nominated artist’s first musical release since releasing his song and instrumental for “Only One” in early fall 2020.

Fresh and Heartfelt Tune is noted as the lead single from Gallant’s upcoming EP dubbed Neptune, and to coincide with the launch, it also released a stunning new music video.

As the title of the song suggests, this musical number is based on heartbreak and the attempt to win back your ex-lover. In the video directed by Bennett Johnson, it begins with the Maryland-born singer displayed calling what appears to be his ex-girlfriend as he tries to get his heart back on the phone. After the woman hangs up, the rest of the video shows Gallant appearing in every corner of her life, including the one in the books she reads, the commercials she watches on TV, the bobbing heads in her car. and even in the garden by the pool. residence. The clip of just over three and a half minutes ends with a spotlight on the singer spitting out his verse as her tired lover ignores her and steps out of the frame.

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