Faizon Love Says Jay-Z’s “Neck & Wrist” Verse Wasn’t a Problem

Faizon Love Says Jay-Z Didn’t Criticize Him On “Neck & Wrist.”

Faizon Love responded to Jay-Z’s recent verse to Pusha T’s track, “Neck & Wrist,” in which he addresses Love’s past criticism of the Brooklyn rapper. Love had called Hov’s drug-dealing story fabricated.

“The phase I’m in, love, I wouldn’t believe it either,” Jay-Z raps on the new track. “I’d say, ‘JAY-Z is a cheater’ / I wouldn’t listen to reason either.”

Maury Phillips/Getty Images

Love discussed her reaction to the song during an interview with VladTV on Thursday.

“I didn’t understand at first, because it’s a rap thing, and it’s not clear,” he admitted. “First of all, I’m not a rapper. I have no bars, at all… I listened to it. It didn’t really bother me.

He added: “Back to you my love. We all love. It’s all love now, you know what I mean? I think I ruffled a few feathers.

Love had initially criticized Jay-Z on the uncensored hip hop podcast in 2020.

“I love Jay-Z,” Love said at the time. “I like him as a guy and everything he created about this fake drug deal. That’s when I stopped loving him. This nigga ain’t sold cocaine in his life – I don’t think he ever won a fight.

“Neck & Wrist” was released on April 6 and also features Jay-Z addressing the death of legendary rapper Biggie Smalls.

Check out Love’s interview with VladTV below.


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