Encanto TikTok recreates Camilo’s Bruno Verse with smooth transitions

Shapeshifting may not be possible in real life, but one TikTok user has found a great way to recreate the ever-changing look of Camilo from Encanto.

A new fan made Encanto TikTok brilliantly recreates Camilo’s verse from “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” with smooth transitions. Released by Disney last November, Encanto only became more popular in the months following its theatrical debut. It grossed $223 million worldwide, a respectable figure for an animated film during the coronavirus pandemic, but it was its Christmas Eve release on Disney+ that helped it become a viral sensation. Since then, fans have found new ways to interact with Encanto online, and they rocketed “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” to the top of the Billboard charts as Disney’s most popular song in 29 years.


Encanto centers on 15-year-old Mirabel Madrigal (voiced by Stephanie Beatriz), a kind-hearted girl who is the only member of her family who does not possess a magical ability. Everyone else, from his mother to his young cousin, has been blessed with their family home, putting Mirabel on the outside by looking inside. However, when the house begins to lose its magic, it seems Mirabel is the only one who can save the day. In addition to its fascinating history, Encanto features an infectious soundtrack of songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda, many of which have become viral hits.

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Chief among these is the aforementioned Billboard “We’re Not Talking About Bruno,” which has captured fans’ attention and inspiration ever since. Encantois the first. The latest example of fan ingenuity comes from TikTok user Brian Esperon, who posted a clever video that recreates Cousin Camilo’s verse from the songs. Even better than just saying the lyrics, Esperon portrays Camilo’s shapeshifting between himself and the titular Bruno with perfect transitions.


Encanto We're not talking about Bruno Script original

The success of “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” surprised many, including Miranda himself. Based on the many TikToks and parodies that have emerged around the song, it looks like fans are having fun with its role as an ensemble number and Camilo’s shapeshifting. This can be tricky to master in real life, but as seen with Esperon’s video, a few sneaky edits can take care of it. Encanto fans are certainly some of the most talented these days.

As “We’re Not Talking About Bruno” continues to pump up steam, fans were treated to some exciting behind-the-scenes tidbits about the film. Recently, co-director Jared Bush revealed Encanto almost had a post-credits scene that would have ended the movie on a fun note. That there are still more revelations about Encanto months after its debut shows just how successful it has become, and it’s pretty exciting to watch. Now might be a good time to sit down and stream “Bruno” for the millionth time.

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Source: Brian Esperon/TikTok

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